With Decision Support Services, you're not only gaining access to state-of-the-art technology that transforms your sales data into actionable business intelligence, you're partnering with a team of experienced consultants that provide you with valuable support and services every step of the way. DSS provides companies with quality software and services that turn vital data and statistics to integrated and efficient invetory management tools that can be generated in a matter of seconds.


DSS takes your company's complex web of data and statistics and turns it into highly customized and organized reports. Our IMSMART SaaS keeps on top of disparate data from multiple retailers, which helps your company make the right demand and supply decisions. Our experienced team provides consulting services at every step of the way to create data analytics, forecasting, planning, collaboration and replenishment IMSMART reports that give your company the competitive advantage.

Our expertise and extensive experience in supply chain, business process, systems analysis, software development, marketing analysis and Best Practices Category Management help our clients drive sales and reduce inventory.


One of the most useful DSS offerings provided via IMSMART is the ability to customize your company reports based on the information you need, in the order you need it. IMSMART creates

  • Dashboard and Alert Reports

  • Retailer Reports

  • Ranking Reports

  • Replenishment Reports

  • Item Reports

  • Segment Reports

With IMSMART inventory management, sales, and marketing analysis are streamlined to meet and exceed customer satisfaction goals.

DSS recognizes that each company's information management needs are different. Whether you're looking for retailer POS data, in-house shipment data, syndicated data, industry specific data, etc., DSS customizes IMSMART to work for you. IMSMART is as flexible as your needs and is capable of growing as those needs increase.

Our Competitive Advantage:

With more than a decade of experience assisting a wide variety of companies to manage and analyze their information, marketing and sales needs, DSS developed IMSMART software to integrate large and complex streams of statistics and data from each point of the supply and demand chain into one highly customized management system. IMSMART addresses every aspect of sales and distribution across the board and accommodates as a company's needs grow and change.

IMSMART is an ENTERPRISE-WIDE Data System that enables Integration of Demand Data, Internal Production and Shipping Data, and External 3rd Party Data that utilizes best practice processes to scrub and integrate the data. This structure allows users to combine disparate data from multiple retailers into complicated reports that are generated in seconds.

  • We use the best breed of software tools to produce optimum results for each report.

  • With SharePoint and Reporting Services we can structure automated reporting and information sharing throughout a variety of functional roles and levels in the organization. Data and views are filtered to the person's role and scope of control.

  • IMSMART gives you the ability to integrate and manage outside data sources – internal budgeting, forecasting, promotion schedules, store coverage alignment, etc.

  • DSS Analysts have many years of experience working with complicated problems. We understand that digging into the data is the key to a successful strategy.

  • Our technical expertise with OLAP, MDX, SQL Server, Access, Excel, MapPoint, and reporting services are considerably beyond what our competitors can do.

  • DSS has a great deal of knowledge of the leaders in today's retailer POS data world. The majority of our business is focused on the largest retailers in the world that continually pave the way for other retailers to follow.

  • Our experience and expertise in the current Demand Data environments allows us to provide customers with a robust offering of "standard" and "Value added" services to suppliers, using existing best practices for POS sources.

Cost & Efficiency

Since IMSMART is a cloud-based SaaS no installation is required, saving you time and money.


IMSMART enables the user to share and collaborate with both retail and supply partners in forecasts, replenishment plans, day to day activities and promotional activity in a user-friendly Microsoft-based environment.

  • With IMSMART, collaborate with the most critical retailers to more efficiently and successfully manage your overall business.

  • Plan your production, warehousing and logistics needs, utilizing the information supplied by the data and made manageable by IMSMART.

  • Forecast more accurately on both the supply and demand sides. Have a broader view of what's on the horizon and be more proactive in preparing for those demands.

  • Replenishment is vital to maintaining a successful track record with any customer. IMSMART will position you to make recommendations on having the right product in the right place at the right time.


IMSMART provides a key component of demand driven Supply Chain Planning and optimization that companies need to make intelligent business demand and supply decisions.

Real Management Solutions

IMSMART is the only solution available that is designed primarily to drive retailers' business AND assist in the "back of the house".

  • IMSMART is a scalable solution, which allows for substantial growth and fluidity, thus making it the only data analysis solution you will need for years to come.