If You're Company has Data, We Analyze It


When it comes to retail, the collection of data is crucial to a company's success. With DSS, you're gaining a partner with experience across the industry. We are proud to provide data analysis solutions, including POS & Syndicated Data, EDI Data Set, and Proprietary Data, e.g., to numerous retailers, including the following:


DSS provides data analysis solutions for a wide range of management professionals across all industries.

Manufacturers that utilize IMSMART to work together with both retail customers and supply trading partners are far more likely to not only survive in today's retail environment, but thrive with a superior competitive edge.

Our success lies in building quality relationships with our clients. IMSMART's ability to grow and change with a company's needs helps us to maintain lasting business relationships that only get better with time.

The DSS team is always available for consultation and we monitor customer comments regularly to ensure the most quality products, services, and customer care we can provide.

DSS is your partner in data analysis and management solutions. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your business and what we can do to help you. Call us at 1-574-229-6467 to schedule a meeting at your convenience.