DSS, providing data analysis solutions to clients for more than 15 years.

Decision Support Services, L.L.C. is a privately owned technology and consulting firm with offices in Mooresville, NC and South Bend, IN. We have served the needs of our client retail vendors and suppliers since 1996, and have developed a comprehensive background of retail industry knowledge and business intelligence expertise.

We utilize the latest in information technology to create a completely objective, fact-based repository of essential retail, syndicated, shipment and inventory data, which we use, so that our clients can more easily make timely, effective decisions. Our extensive experience in supply chain optimization, business process review, data warehousing, software development, marketing analysis, and Category Management best practices have helped our clients drive over $5 billion in annual retail sales at the same time they reduced associated costs.

Our staff brings to bear over 50 combined years of experience in retail sales analysis. We help our clients increase sales and profit performance by stopping problems before they can cost you money. Our focus is the success and satisfaction of our customers, and we are proud to have a proven track record of delivering data analysis solutions on time and on budget.

Our Methodology

Our methodology starts with retail transactional data and transforms it into information and knowledge.

Our Software

At Decision Support Services, we work hard to provide the tools you need for data analysis that is meaningful when presented for viewing and distribution. All of the data in the world is useless until it is subjected to disciplined data extraction, transformation and loading, with proper checks and balances to ensure data integrity and reliability. To put it simply, we ensure that there is no garbage in, so there is no garbage out. This results in statistics that are actually useful to your business and reports that provide insights that would otherwise be lost in a sea of information.

Decision Support Services utilizes a proprietary approach called IMSMART – Inventory Management Sales Marketing Analysis Resource Tool. The IMSMART software package is an enterprise-wide demand data system that enables integration of demand data, internal production and shipping data, as well as external third party data. We then utilize best practice processes to scrub and integrate the data. This structure allows users to combine disparate data from multiple retailers into sophisticated reports that can be generated quickly and easily.

The software tools that we utilize are specifically tailored to produce optimum results for each customer. Whether that requires OLAP, MDX, SQL Server stored procedure, Access, Excel, MapPoint, or Reporting Services; we can meet your company’s needs. We provide data to finished report services with the best output to fulfil each client’s needs and retailer’s requirements.

IMSMART is a single combined repository to warehouse, manage and mine data from multiple disparate data sources, and includes SharePoint data-sharing capabilities. It is as flexible as your needs and is capable of growing as those needs increase. Data sources may include retailer POS data, in-house shipment data, syndicated data and industry specific data. Deployment of IMSMART is quick and cost effective. There is no need for expensive new hardware, and no software needs to be installed on your equipment. Our system is entirely cloud-based, and all that you need to access your information is a web browser.

Data should be used to provide information to people in an organization so they can make better, informed decisions more quickly. At Decision Support Services, we believe that it is both possible and desirable to provide custom configured solutions that match our customers’ specific ways of doing business, instead of changing the way the customer does business to match the software. IMSMART can be used to warehouse, manage, and mine data from multiple disparate data sources. Decision Support Service helps you turn data into actionable business intelligence.

We are a Microsoft Silver Certified Partner, with years of experience operating in Microsoft based environments. We can meet your needs today, and grow with you as those needs change. Contact a Decision Support Services representative today to discuss your specific requirements and how we can provide the data analytics tools to help your business increase sales and maximize profit performance.